Choxie was due for a yearly check up this month, so we scheduled a visit. They day before we did, we noticed 3 red circles on her tummy that looked just like ringworm. Of course, Brian researched that online and found out that we had reason to worry in case it was because it could’ve been on our bed, the couch, and basically everywhere.

At her visit, she got several shots and blood work done. They seriously get on my nerves by not getting their own fecal sample from her butt. They sent me home with a container to bring some back to them in. Since when can they not do it themselves? They’ve done it before. I think they don’t like to do it. Anyway.

I pointed out the red circle, and thank goodness, it’s not ringworm! It’s actually staph infection. She assured me it isn’t nearly as bad in dogs as people, so Choxie just now has some antibiotics to take for 1 week once a day. That is easy! The best part is that it doesn’t bother her to have this infection that we can tell. Well, the BEST part is that it’s not in or on our house, so we’re in no danger.