Walking is how I started exercising when we got a puppy that needed exercise. Brian started running, and I slowly gave up walking and joined him. Running is hard, fun, rewarding, and awesome. I know that way more now that I can’t do it. I’ve had many dreams while pregnant about running, and their exhilarating; they make me not be able to wait to get back into it. (On that note, I totally thought I’d keep running the whole time I was pregnant and be one of those people, but I quickly became lazy, hot during the summer, and realistic after about 3 pregnant runs.) Anyway, I basically haven’t done ANYTHING for exercise the rest of the time I’ve been pregnant, but everyone knows you can walk and try to get a baby to come. SO, for the last two evenings, that is what I’ve done. I’ve gone on really hard, hilly walks around the neighborhood.

The first night was great. I was proud of myself for doing it, first of all, and I felt like I walked much faster than I’d hoped I could. It hurt my back some, but it wasn’t that bad, and I had hopes that it was at least helping a little.

Tonight’s walk sucked! I literally cried some during the first section of it. After that, it started hurting my back pretty bad. I kept going and finished the whole thing, but I’m not counting on doing it again tomorrow evening. My back is tired of bending backwards, and I’m tired in general.

Just like after starting to run, I have re-determined that walking is lame. The only time it won’t be is when I’m walking Cora in a stroller for fun. I look forward to running one day when I can!