Work is ridiculously busy lately. I jinxed myself by saying Christmas didn’t affect my personal job that much like it does other people’s jobs around the office. Oops.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting with my maternity replacement for the first time. I hope I don’t stink at teaching and explaining things to her!

Today was my little baby shower at work. I skipped lunch to eat the good food. I got some cute gifts including 5 diapers! I needed them really bad.

I have to leave work for a while tomorrow to eat lunch with Brian’s office at Surin in Mountain Brook. I then have to miss work for a while at 2 to close on our new mortgage, which will cut our payments (from the messed up amount we paid all this year) by something like almost $500 a month! That will be awesome.

GOOD THING: dilation has started!
BAD THING: exam didn’t feel so great today