I know this sounds bad, but I have to say that both the turkey and the dressing I made this year might be THE BEST I’ve ever eaten. It was my third time making each of those foods, so maybe the third time really is a charm! I didn’t use any new recipes or anything, so it just happened that way. Actually, the “recipes” aren’t really measured out, so I probably did do some things a little differently even though it was all the same ingredients. Anyway – success! The best part is that we have leftovers of that and my other favorite – Brian’s mom’s sweet potato casserole (thanks to his Mamaw’s recipe). IT IS AWESOME, and I have a pretty good bit of it in my fridge!

In addition to that, Cora is STILL on the move like crazy. Today, she literally felt like a rock in my belly. She is pushing SO HARD on my outwardly that I sometimes can’t stand up straight if she gets in that position while I’m sitting until after I stand a few seconds. My skin has to readjust, I think! right now, she is weeble wobbling all over the place as I type. Sometimes I wonder if the laptop’s bright screen gets her attention. Supposedly, they will turn toward bright light and sounds.

I cannot wait to do NOTHING tomorrow unless I want to! I want to sleep late, relax, not put on any real clothes, and veg out.

GOOD THING: successful Thanksgiving!
BAD THING: back and feet HURT!