Today was my first baby shower. It was so adorable!

I made the first real progress on Cora’s room tonight since it’s painted and ready to go.

Cora currently has hiccups, but she does a lot. At least half the times are right after I eat.

Brian has been watching a Harry Potter movie this evening, and I SWEAR it’s been on for like 4 hours.

Sheena correctly informed me that I am now technically 8 months pregnant, and that just sounds crazy.

I think I messed up a little today singing a new song at church, but that is ok. We didn’t even practice until this morning!

I just found out Brian has watched 2 HP movies, so at least they’re not as long as I thought. (doesn’t mean I don’t like them)

Choxie didn’t eat any weird parts of other animals today except for dragging in a weird bug to watch on the rug tonight.