We went to the lake Friday evening after dinner and came back Saturday evening. On Friday, we let Choxie in the house and immediately smelled something nasty. This has happened before, but it wasn’t AS bad this time. Either way, she had found something dead and rolled her head in it, so one of the first things we got to do there was give her a bath!

This afternoon, we are on the porch and see her running back to our yard from the direction of the neighbors’ house with a giant stick in her mouth. She looked so happy, and we laughed at her. We were waiting on a pizza to finish cooking in the oven, so we soon went inside to eat it when it finished cooking. Brian took his piece outside to watch the dog and comes back in pretty soon and says “I don’t think that’s a stick.” I asked what it was if not because it looked just like a big piece of a limb or something earlier when we saw it. He said “I think it’s a LEG.” I assumed he meant she ruined someone’s rocking chair on their porch or something, so I clarified by asking about furniture, and he said no – like off an animal. We went out there to look, and sure enough, it had a freaking HOOF on it. Poor deer! She loved it, though. We had to leave it behind when we came home.
deer leg