Tonight, Brian and I went to our first parenting/childbirth class of four. I thought I’d have at least a good story from it or some good observations, but it really was just pretty lame. The best thing to me was hwo the dads went up and all lifted a bag full of weights so they could see how much weight all the moms are carrying around every day. I asked Brian if it was really heavy, and his response was “it wasn’t that bad.” Try holding it on the front of you!

I think next week will be better. I didn’t get much out of learning about the physiology of the actual childbirth. I don’t need to know all that, and I feel like a lot of the info was repeated during the class, so the class could’ve been shorter. Anyway, I don’t feel like the class is a waste, but I’m just more interested in how to take care of the actual baby and about medications/options. We’ll see how next week’s class goes when we talk about epidurals and such.

GOOD THING: found our way without getting lost
BAD THING: so uncomfortable sitting there for 2 hours