Monday was Halloween, so we got out of dodge to avoid kids coming to our house. Sheena mentioned hanging out, so I said we could see about taking over Brian’s parents’ basement. She requested I make burritos, so I did. We ate burritos, watched Paranormal Activity 2 and laughed a lot. Also, we yelled at Brian a lot to be quiet. MELK! It was fun times.

Tuesday was Circle, and it was just okay. I’m a little over Circle at the moment, and we did a crafty project for the Children’s Ministry, which is hard for me because I want all the things we make to look great, and they never do. It’s hard for me to turn in something that isn’t cute, but whatever. Some people just can’t make things cute. I’m glad our next meeting is our Christmas party!!!

Wednesday nights are booked up, but it’s all fun stuff. That’s what I’m talking about! I now usually have band practice and then come home to Modern Family, South Park, Nick Swardson’s show and American Horror Story. There’s a perfect break from 8:30-9 for me to shower so I don’t have to go to bed any later than normal. Perfect!

Thursday is probably going to be TV night even though I haven’t asked about it yet. If not, then I’ll work on stuff around the house.

On a different note, I have Cora’s curtain fabric in, so I will make curtains soon! Also, once I move some things around in the basement, I will be able to clear out that room and set up the nursery! I need to pick a paint color, paint that room, get the furniture in, and then we will also get new windows. That will be awesome!

GOOD THING: lots of leftovers to eat for dinner this week
BAD THING: indigestion! my throat burns