Here’s what we did today:
-We woke up.
-Brian made delicious biscuits (from scratch, of course)
-I worked some more on my baby registries online while we hung out at home.
-I did laundry.
-We went to his mom’s house to visit. Carrie stopped by to give me a ticket to get into a consignment sale early.
-We went to Levy’s to finally ask about getting Brian’s wedding ring resized. He needs an 8 instead of his original 10! They also cleaned up my rings so they sparkle bling bling style.
-I went to Kids Market, the consignment sale they have at Wildwood. That place is white trash central, and I will never go again. I wanted to wash my hands as soon as I left; it just felt that gross, and the shoppers were maniacs.
-We picked his mom up again and went to an early dinner at Kool Korner in Vestavia, which is a Cuban sandwich shop. It was pretty awesome, and everyone else there must have been for real Cubans – workers and diners. We all got a Cuban (versus just chicken or beef or whatever), and that is roasted pork with ham plus lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos with swiss cheese. I never saw the first jalapeno, and we figured out they just use jalapeno seeds, which are the hot part. My mouth was on FIRE by the time I got to the second half of my sandwich. Brian’s mom got black bean soup, also, and Brian got a tamale. They also have plantain chips! They were good.
-After that, we sat at his mom’s house to let our food settle, and then we went to Brookwood Mall for dessert. I chose 2 cookies from GAC, and they got yogurt at YOLO.
-We went home to watch TV, work more on registries, shower and watch TV.

It’s been a good day!

GOOD THING: tried a new restaurant AND we’re on vacation!
BAD THING: forgot to order a gift for Brian in time to get it for our anniversary