I was able to go work on a Habitat House again this week! My office signed up to work Tuesday, so lots of us went. I would go every day if I could get paid to!

I would like to start off by saying that they divided our group up and sent some people to the other HH across the street, which is where I worked last week with Stuart; we found out several days later that we worked at the WRONG location! So, as of yesterday, we know for sure the 2 houses share volunteers, so it’s no biggy.

They told us we’d be painting ceilings this week, which super sucks. I volunteered to edge instead of roll, so that was at least a minor step up for me personally. After I finished my areas, I still ended up having to roll one small room, but then I got transferred to another job that was MUCH better! I went all around the outside of the house and caulked every gap and weird place in the siding. That job is awesome, and one thing that makes it awesome is that I was working alone and away from everyone else. Lots of people in a few rooms isn’t fun after a little while. I loved my caulking job! I appreciated being outside, too. I even got sunburned on my face!

After lunch, which was AWESOME because we were doing real work and therefore pretty hungry, I went over to my original house and worked a couple of hours with Jason, my boss from last week. We had way more fun over there (nothing against the other house – this was mostly because Jason 1) goofs off with me and 2) has a radio playing in his house), and he let me finish the houses baseboards by myself. I’m the queen of the nail gun! We make a good team if I do say so myself.

Here’s us lunching:

GOOD THING: Dinner was fun tonight at church! I’m glad I made friends with my dinner table. She loves celeb gossip, and he loves ghost shows!!!
BAD THING: headache