Thursday, I went to work for the first time on the current Habitat House Trinity is sponsoring. It was an easy decision to go since they announced to us at work last year that it was decided we now all get two days a year we can use for service/missions that won’t count against vacation time or anything like that. Our office signed up to work on the house this coming Tuesday, which will be one of my days, but I didn’t see any reason I shouldn’t use the other day of mine for a different work day. SO, Stuart (my co-worker) and I vowed to go together to work on the house. we met up really early and headed up to the house not knowing what a bizarre day we would have.

Our day had two major storylines. One was the fact that we took an empty room and turned it into a full kitchen by the time we left, meaning we hung all the cabinets and put the countertops down. We also painted for a few minutes to kill time while the foreman went to pick up the countertops after we ate lunch. By the way, we froze to death working that day!

The second storyline consists of very weird and entertaining creepiness dished out by the aforementioned foreman. I really can’t get into it online because it wouldn’t read correctly, and it would work best for me to tell you the stories in person. However, I will say that he told us stories off and on all day about how he bought some CDs online that had particular frequencies recorded on them that basically put him into a deep sleep, which enabled him to do whatever he wanted – as in WHATEVER he wanted. He said you could imagine something, and it’d appear. He said you could “travel to the moon and back in a night.” He mentioned something about doing some really fast tapping to cause himself to travel quickly. He also said he started seeing spirits/demons/shadows. He ultimately said it was a nightmare and destroyed the CDs and prayed every night for the occurrences to stop. Needless to say, Stuart and I had no clue really what to say back. The guy honestly wouldn’t tell us the name of the CDs, the name of the man who created this whole deal, or anything because he didn’t want us to go look it up and eventually have a desire to get involved or try it ourselves. I told him he did NOT have to worry; none of that sounded like anything I wanted to do. Anyways, it was all very interesting.


GOOD THING: hopefully killed tons of poison ivy in the woods today
BAD THING: I don’t like getting frustrated without knowing how to stop being frustrated!