This whole earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster is getting me down since we [all] feel so helpless. At this point, I am most worried about the nuclear explosions/leakages taking place. Hopefully, there won’t be too many people or animals harmed before they can get things under control.

My college friend, Mami, is Japanese (from Tokyo) and has since moved back home. I had no idea the earthquake happened until later the next morning, and it took me a few minutes to realize I knew someone over there. I immediately tagged her in a tweet to ask her to let us know if she was okay. I then remembered she had a Facebook page, so I checked that; she had JUST updated letting people know she was safe, as well as her family. Even though the earthquake was almost 12 hours before that time, she was still experiencing scary tremors every 15 minutes in Tokyo, which is 230 miles from the epicenter. However, she was worried about her husband, who was on a ferry at the time in Hokkaido, and she hadn’t heard from him. Minutes later, she told us he was fine, but he was confined to staying on the water until they could come to shore safely. Thank goodness! I am so glad she and all her family is safe. Others are not, so we should all keep praying for them.

GOOD THING: My friend is safe!
BAD THING: lots of people without homes and family members