This week is pretty dang busy. At work, Monday was my busiest day of the year – EXCEPT – it wasn’t nearly as bad as expected! I’ve coordinated the Lil’ Lambs Consignment Sale 11 times now, and this was the easiest time ever. No complaints! On that note, we ran out of seller numbers in 2 days (which should mean it was extra crazy even though it wasn’t). We’ve never run out that quick! It’s fine by me, because that means I only had 2 days of constant phone calls.

Also this week, I’ve had stuff to do every single night, which usually puts me in a bad mood or at least wears me out – depending on what it is. All this stuff is fun except cleaning, so I’m just tired – no bad mood! I can’t remember what Monday was, but I know I cleaned some for the rest of the night, so that took the time away. Tuesday, Kat came over, and we crafted until 8:30. I just watched TV after that until time to go to bed. Tonight, I will go to the church and meet with friends like always to chat. After that, I might go eat with Brian and his parents because Urban Cookhouse is having a fundraiser tonight for a big farm here in town that was ruined in some winter weather. Tonight, ever dollar from take out meals for 4 will go to the farm and its owner. Sweet! Thursday is TV night! It will be fun, duh.

I can’t wait for this weekend! I can’t sleep late Saturday or Sunday, but I will still enjoy every minute of it. Woo!

I showed up to work today, and everyone is talking about snow. What the?! I don’t ever watch the weather, so that was news to me. We’ll see what happens, I guess.

GOOD THING: my pectoralis minor doesn’t hurt anymore! haha – strained it lifting laundry, but the chiro hooked me up