We had spaghetti tonight! It was good. Choxie is now having her dinner, too. It’s fish and sweet potatoes like always.

This week has already been much better than last week, and it’s only Monday. This weekend was good, too. I went to a baby shower and church, and they were both good. Yesterday, Brian and I spent lots of fun time together and laughed a LOT. We were being pretty goofy. I think it was mostly me, but whatever.

Choxie will not stop licking my shirt!

I don’t understand why television shows will sometimes put captions for people when they are speaking normal English. It almost seems racist because it’s usually when a black person or a hispanic person is talking – even if it’s easy to tell what they’re saying. Weird.

GOOD THING: The rest of the night can be pure relaxation!
BAD THING: nothing