Woo hoo! I love a good Friday, and a good Friday usually means: get off work at 12, good lunch, then a free afternoon that leads to a relaxing night of doing whatever I WANT to do! The other part of a great Friday is a no-obligation Saturday. I have all those things this weekend! I am so excited.

Also, the truffles I brought home from our Sunday School Christmas party just got opened about 30 minutes ago. They are AWESOME! And there are TONS of them. The box has 2 huge bags of them inside. Thanks, Sheena, for only caring about the alcohol out of your gift!

The Nate Berkus show is 98% terrible. I wanted it to be good, but it’s just lame.

I need you to help me stick to my running this time around. I haven’t done a good job of it since before summer! It was just too hot before, but I know I can run from now until at least April without getting too hot, so I can hopefully increase my mileage fairly soon!

GOOD THING: healthy lunch today with Sheena
BAD THING: legs are too sore from running Wednesday to run again today!