Today is Wednesday! My Wednesdays are long, but they’re good. I start off by going to work. After work, I got home to watch Oprah from 4-5, then I head to church to eat dinner there. After dinner is my class, which has a focus of helping Dave write/proof his new book. It’s proven entertaining so far – mostly because I like watching Dave make people twitch with his theology. Some people really couldn’t get behind Dave last week, and it was the first night we reviewed anything! I can’t wait to hear what happens tonight since most of the reading was about circumcision with a little homosexuality discussion thrown in. Anyway, after class, I go home and watch Modern Family!

I have a Bible study on Thursday mornings, so I’ve been going in an hour early on Thursdays to help make up for it. That doesn’t cover it all since it’s 1.5 hours, so I need to come in some extra early days soon. That study is good times and is led by Drew. So far, it’s fun.

I can’t wait for this weekend! Brian, Julie and I are driving up to Berry College for Mountain Day. I should see some old friends, some people I care nothing about talking to, and also Margaret Anne! I hope we have a super fun day with her. I can’t wait!

GOOD THING: I have about 30 more minutes before I leave work, and the cast of Modern Family is on Oprah today.
BAD THING: have to get up early tomorrow and super early Friday (and Saturday!)