When we got home from TV night Thursday, Choxie had a claw that was a little crooked and kind of bloody. We decided to (hopefully) let it heal on it’s own because it didn’t seem major, and we have spent big time bucks on vet bills the past couple of months. Like a lot. So on Friday, we were loading our stuff in the car to go to Georgia, and Choxie ran down our hallway. When she ran by Brian, who wasn’t moving at all, she snagged the same claw on his shoe; she cried and started limping while blood dripped everywhere. We ended up calling the vet, and they said we should come in so they could see it because it might need pulling completely off.

When we got there, they said it definitely needed to come out, and there were two ways to do that. One was to try to just rip it out and hope it comes out with one pull, or the other option was to put her to sleep so they could do it painlessly and all that, but it meant leaving her there a while and obviously costing more. I said forget that; we want them to just pull it out. Brian was there with me and helped hold her down. She was so scared because it hurt terribly, and they had put a muzzle on her because it would probably hurt bad enough to maybe cause her to bite at someone. 😦 Well, the vet pulled out these giant tweezers/pliers and did a huge YANK and snapped her nail off to the side. You could hear it break off and poor Choxie didn’t know what was going on. I saw the big bloody hole in her toe where the claw should’ve been; it was kind of gross. We finally got out of there with Choxie’s foot wrapped in gauze. It was hilarious watching her try walking on it! It was just like when you put socks on cats or something.

Anyway, I think she’s much better now, and they are hopeful a new claw will grow back. She limps sometimes on it, but we can tell it doesn’t hurt her nearly as much as it did on Thursday evening and Friday before she went to the vet. Poor girl! And poor us for paying hundreds and hundreds to the vet between regular checkups, snake bites, medicine, ear issues, and this. She’s worth it, though!

GOOD THING: great weekend at parents’ house
BAD THING: already nervous about talking to Sunday School classes this coming weekend