See this shampoo?

Don’t get it. I’m all about Whole Foods, natural products, blah blah, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good. I bought this and it’s conditioner counterpart the other day for $1.99 a bottle for backup when I don’t feel like doing my normal baking soda thing, and it’s total crap. I had to use more than normal just to get a tiny bit of lather, but it still didn’t really later. So I used another huge amount, and nothing much happens.

I WILL SAY that the conditioner is completely fine. The shampoo wouldn’t be good for anything. Also, it smells like crap when you use it even though it smells good when whiffing from the bottle. What’s up with that? I am now trying to find another use for it because I don’t think I can use it as shampoo. I used it last night, and my hair feels all dirty this morning – more so than if I would’ve skipped washing my hair, I do believe. That is extra weird since it says it’s for normal to oily hair. You’d think it would have less stuff in it than normal that could possibly make your hair feel oily. Whatever. Don’t buy it.

GOOD THING: It’s FINALLY hump day.
BAD THING: what a slow week!