I almost forgot to even mention our race!

Last Saturday, Brian and I got up ridiculously early to go run our first 5K ever! We didn’t get anyone to take our picture together, which was pretty stupid, but it’s too late, and we can’t do anything about it now. I don’t have that much to say other than we both made it. We never walked, and we didn’t puke, which I was worried about with it being so muggy and early in the morning. We also did not finish last, so that is good. The route started off immediately with a giant, I mean giant hill, but at least it was over with at the beginning. It wasn’t a loop, so we knew we’d have to come back down that giant hill at the end. The rest of the course was full of gradual hills and “pavement” that consisted of paved over gravel, so it was a little harder to run on, but that wasn’t how the entire thing was. The scenery was really pretty, and once again, we did it! We then jumped in the car to go get breakfast at Chick-fil-A down the interstate. In the drive through line, I changed clothes, and Brian got us food. We then returned back to the church to hear Adam Hamilton speak. He is a Methodist minister with the largest Methodist church in the country (I think), and we know of him because Adam writes many Bible studies and curriculum, and our Sunday School class has done several of his studies. Anyway, his talk was awesome. I wish I could’ve stayed to hear all 3! I mostly was interested in his last one on missions and outreach, but it just didn’t work out to hear it.

That night, we drove to Montgomery to have dinner with my old friend Renee and meet her husband (we had just seen him at the wedding) and new little baby, Owen! First of all, I like Jonathan a lot, and Owen is so cute! He didn’t even cry when I held him haha. We had good times, which is the only kind of time you can have with Renee, and then we drove home late that night.

Fun stuff!

GOOD THING: work is over for the day!
BAD THING: stomach hurts