This soup

kicks the coconut soup’s butt that I mentioned! (of the same brand).

This is pretty dang good. I will definitely buy more flavors of soup from Amy’s to try out. This flavor was way better than the black bean vegetable, FYI.

Don’t forget – Whole Foods’ website has coupons on it! Just click on Products, and it’s right there under Online Coupons.

In other news, Choxie caught yet another chipmunk. I love chipmunks and think they’re so cute, so I try to not get sad about it. It helps that I’m really happy for Choxie to be a successful hunter because I know how hard she tries, as in every minute she’s outside and all day long when we’re at work. I just don’t know how many chipmunks are going to keep coming to our yard to meet their death!