Guess what I hate? Doyyyy the alarm clock! But LOOK AT THIS ONE! If I had this one, I might go crazy. Brian said I would pound it into oblivion. I have to give props to the person who created it, because it’s just what someone like me needs, actually, to be forced awake enough to not fall back asleep. But seriously:

When you set the clock, you have to have the shapes where they go in the puzzle. When your alarm goes off, the pieces shoot out! You have to find them and put them back into the correct places before the alarm goes off. Yep. Best and worst idea ever.

Whoa. On that note, check this out!

This MIGHT be passable as a McGruber alarm clock. Right? Right? Every morning, one of the three lights on the left comes on. Depending on which one (it’s random), you have to unplug the right wire to ‘disassemble’ the bomb. Sweet! You could wake up feeling like a hero every day!