Brian and I went to the lake Saturday afternoon and spent the night to take a break from normal life since we’ve been so busy lately! We had a great time. One thing that was great was that we drove down to Prattville to eat at Longhorn Saturday night. They told us the wait would be 10-15 minutes, which was fine. I had already decided to not stay if they said anything past 20 minutes, so I was happy to hear it was less! We waited and waited and waited, and then we realized several other couples were seated before us that got there after us. I was starting to get super pissed because I was starving to death, so Brian and I both got up and asked if there was a reason several people were being seated in front of us when they got there way after us. We were told they tried to page us several times, but we never showed up, so they kept skipping us. That happens a lot; I know people leave when they get tired of waiting. But after 10 minutes? and we were sitting DIRECTLY in front of the girl that took our name down when we walked in? They might have paged, but no one EVER called our name out. Why would you take names down if you don’t even use them? I was pretty annoyed at that, but after we finally got a table, everything was back to perfect because their food is delicious, and the waitress was great.

GOOD THING: work day is halfway over
BAD THING: sore muscles!