Choxie officially does not like me looking at the laptop for more than a few minutes. We already knew this because she acts like a heathen sometimes when it’s in my lap before just plopping down on top of it. Tonight, she literally stuck her head between my legs and under the laptop and pushed it off my lap. Thank goodness I was paying attention because I just held onto it while she did that so it wouldn’t fall. After that, she bit at my arms and boobs! I don’t know what that was about, but she definitely wants to get in my lap and take its place.

GOOD THING: Brian just saved us a lot of money by finding a cord we already had to hook my iPod through my stereo stuff. He realized we had the cord while we were at Best Buy looking at all the things we almost bought.

BAD THING: I cannot figure out the newly re-done music channels on TV, but it looks like they are less consistent than before. Maybe I will figure them out soon. The descriptions are pretty bad, so you just have to listen to them a lot to figure out each channel’s style.