Have any of you ordered anything from Target, meaning it had to be shipped to you? I have before, but I just ordered 3 table lamps from Target this week, and tracking my shipment is absolutely ridiculous. You get an email for your order confirmation, and it has a link you can click to track your package. After you click that, you have to go to another page, sign in, and click a link that also says ‘track your package’. From there, it lists all my 3 lamps individually and says they’re all shipped seperately, so there’s a list of three links, and you click there to go to another page. Guess what it says…”in transit.” You have to click something else if you want to see the transit details!

Or, if you’d rather, on the second step, you can put in your order number instead of signing in to your Target account. If you do that, you get a whole different list of details. One of them says my stuff is in Tennessee, and another says the stuff is already in Birmingham. The one list that says my lamps are in Birmingham says they were scanned leaving Memphis at 2:31 today and arrived in Birmingham at 2:32, which isn’t even possible. Whatever!

I love shopping at Target, but their website is a whole different story. The categories on the left side within a type of item never makes great sense, and it’s just weird.

They need to get it together!