Why is it that, some days, I would love to live in the woods in a shack with no television, electricity, make my own food, bathe in a creek, etc. and wish I didn’t have a decently big house packed full of stuff, and sometimes I can’t think of anything other than the things I’d love to be rich enough to buy! I hate being stuck between 2 different ways. Am I the only one that is like this?

This weather is depressing me! I hope it gets sunny soon. I really do like rain and storms, but when the whole day is dark and gloomy while it’s not raining, that is when I think it’s a downer.

Choxie is good at the game of keep away! She’s got some quick moves when she has something like a dish towel in her mouth that she steals from the kitchen counter.

It is almost 10:30 PM, and it feels like it should be 8 at the latest. Where did this day go?

GOOD THING: found a little table to put on the front porch
BAD THING: Choxie does not like the new treats I got her. Maybe Bella & Ellie like theirs!