Today was crazay! Work wasn’t THAT crazy, but it was busy for a Friday. While at work, Brian called to see if I could run his camera by his work for an impromptu photo shoot, so I did that instead of work an extra 30 minutes like I was supposed to to make up for missing work for a haircut this week. I will just fix it next week. Anyway, after work, I had to run home and hurry to his work so he could do his job. It wasn’t that inconvenient since I wanted to go to the Summit today anyway. I went, and i was able to use a sweet gift card that Sheena gave me to help cover 2 new dresses! Now, I have 3 new dresses with birthday money. How do I know which one to wear first?! I also went to a million other place and hurried around all day mixed with cleaning really quickly in the house and cleaning up the backyard.

This evening, we met the Carters and half the Pattons for food at Sam’s Deli & Grill before an event at church about the Alabama Constitution. then, the Pattons (both now) came to our house for drinks and talking!

Now, Choxie is curled up asleep on the couch, I’m blogging while watching E! News, and Brian is surfing the interwebs in the office.

I can’t wait to sleep late tomorrow! I hope I can. I want to do other stuff tomorrow, too, but sleeping is the first goal of the day. Last weekend was not exactly restful since we were at my parents’ house where it is impossible to sleep late or even through the night hardly (especially since it was storming super bad this past time). I also want to sleep late because we have to get up really early next weekend to go train at the SIFAT campus to probably learn to drill wells! I’ll blog about that after it’s over because we aren’t sure what we’ll do yet. On the subject of next weekend, it will probably be busy because we invited 4 neighbors over for dinner that same night. I am making them Pioneer Woman lasagna! I don’t see how anyone could dislike it, so it’s a safe bet.

Our compost bin is working like a charm so far (I think). There is no bad smell, and it’s staying kind of moist with the help of some squirts from my water bottle. I haven’t put any food scraps in there except a sweet potato skin, some eggshells and part of a squash, but there are leaves, dirt, grass clippings and even some cloth that I added today.

GOOD THING: fun night
BAD THING: nothinggggggggggg