My birthday was way better than I thought it would be! Brian always does a great job of making holidays special and fun, so he of course did a great job, but my coworkers really made the day awesome! I cried when I got to work Tuesday morning because it seemed like everyone at work had put something in my office. I had flowers, balloons, a stuffed animal, a homemade cake!, several cards, a candy bar, a t-shirt nightgown from White Flowers and a note saying lunch was free waiting on me when I came in. Later that day, I was given a cupcake from Dreamcakes and all kinds of birthday wishes. Work was so fun! I love my work friends. I even got a card in the mail at home from a former coworker! Oh! And I got a gift from Brian’s coworker Emily, who sent me a sweet necklace from Africa! I love it. I had a great and delicious dinner that night when I went out with Brian and his parents. Afterwards, we had ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! That is my favorite ice cream cake in the world, and Brian had a hard time getting one for me, but he did it! He always tries really hard to do special things for me. I didn’t mention it earlier, but he left me the sweetest and cutest note that I found on the mirror that morning, too. Earlier in the week, we went shopping, so I picked out my own gifts from him. Most of them were things I needed (well, not NEEDED, but they were things like pants for work and shorts to exercise in, and they were all on sale or cheap to start with). He also got me a cute card. His parents got us dinner and gave me some money for my mission trip coming up this summer. So did his sister, and she also gave me a Zappos gift card! My parents mailed me a card and some money that said it was NOT for Bolivia and to use it for myself. I will get my gifts from them next weekend when I go visit.

I don’t care anything about getting tons of elaborate presents, but the fact that everyone tried hard to make me feel special felt so nice! Lisa stayed up way past her bedtime to bake me a cake AFTER board meeting Monday night. How sweet is that? I expected NO gifts at work.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to give so many details, but I got carried away. Sorry!

GOOD THING: Tomorrow is Friday!
BAD THING: stomach is kind of weird this week