Today is Wednesday! I’ve been to work, volunteered some for UMW (during work kind of), eaten dinner, napped, gone to Bible study, and ran with Brian & Choxie! The nap was an accident, and I woke up at the very time I needed to leave by to get to church before being late. I made it! Right after I sat down, Dave said it was time to start. Score! Also, the run was pretty easy and nice tonight!

Work is pretty busy this week, so it’s making it hard to get some volunteer stuff done, but that is fine because you are supposed to work at work. I think I can get everything done, and if I can’t, I can try to do it at home. It’s all church stuff, so it’s just easier to do it at church. The part that HAS to be done at church – I finished that this afternoon.

Thursday afternoon sucked because all kinds of stuff went wrong, but nothing was major – it was all stuff like me spilling my whole sweet tea onto the counter at Q’doba while in a hurry, getting super hot and sweaty while working on our Circle’s party room, forgetting my papers at home, not having time to buy something beforehand, etc. No big deal. I didn’t get home until 10:30! Working on the room was fun, though. I love my Circle girls!

Right now, Choxie is so cute sleeping on my legs while I watch the new South Park and write this blog. The new SP episode is funny! That sad clown pictures that weird kid had on his wall is creepy! I missed Modern Family tonight. Boo!

Oh yeah! I sold another necklace online!

GOOD THING: scored a nap today
BAD THING: pollen is irritating and stinky!