Remember that South Park episode? Cartman dressed up like a robot, and its name was Awesome-o. Anyway, yesterday was awesome-o!

The weather was wonderful, so that put me in a great mood to start with. After work, I went to the chiropractor, which is great, and then when I got home, I decided to clean out my car. I cleaned the inside for almost 2 hours! It’s beautiful inside now. (Too bad the outside still looks like crap.) After that, I didn’t feel so well from all the weird bending and cleaning and blah blah, so I decided against cooking dinner. We drove to Sam’s and had yummy dinner outside! A few people we knew walked by, so we said hi. It’s so fun just sitting out and running into people you know. So neighborhoodly! While I was there, I also got a phone call from Lauren, and it was a good convo. Afterwards, Brian and I drove quickly to Mountain High Outfitters to check out their current selections just for fun and because they offer a discount for mission trip supplies. We want to go back because we only had 15 minutes to look before they closed, but in 15 minutes, I found a really cute boggan and a face warmer thing for me. The face warmer looks like a really bad fake beard! It’s hilarious, but it will be awesome when we need to walk the dog in 20 degree weather like we did this past winter. I will be warm AND look like a ninja at the same time. Perfect! After that, we drove to Brian’s parents’ house to drop something off for his dad, and we had lots of fun talking there. We finally went home at 10, so I had to start getting ready for bed. Woohoo!

Today, Julie and I went to get lunch, and then we went out later to K-Mart to buy some stuff for the basketball tournament this afternoon (including the basketballs themselves). Between those 2 trips, the lunch conversation somehow turned to old cemetaries around here in random places, so when we went back to K-Mart, we looked for one we were supposedly driving past. We found it! I can’t believe it’s there, because I’ve driven past it a million times. There are 2 others very close to it, so I need to try and see those sometime soon, too. They’re in really weird places – 2 in backyards basically, and 1 between a restaurant and a motel. All right there near Greensprings!

GOOD THING: great weather
BAD THING: running dayyyyyy