Chipmunks, watch out! Choxie is after you! Every day when I come home from work, Choxie doesn’t even want to come inside because she is busy hunting chipmunks! I really wonder how many hours a day she circles the water garden – blowing air between the rocks and digging at any hint of a smell. She’s only caught one so far (2 if you count 1 at the lake), but she sure tries!

I forgot to mention that we watched The Blindside this weekend with my parents. The movie was good (not great), but I still have no idea which part people keep talking about crying at. I am kind of a crier when it comes to movies, and I not once came close to crying at all. My dad said there seemed to be lots of holes in it, and I think he’s right. The best part about the movie is that it’s real.

I think our neighbors got a new dog. I saw the guy out there taking pictures of this tiny little thing – maybe a Yorkie. Choxie made sure to go to the fence and bark a couple of times before running back off to play by herself. She could eat that thing up in no time! those neighbors don’t come outside very often, and the time we tried to wave and say hi, the guy seemed like he was shy or busy or didn’t want to start a conversation, so we basically ignore them. It’s easy since they’re never outside, so I guess we aren’t really ignoring them. It’s just weird because everyone else here is so talkative. They’re just renters, though, and the house is for sale, so maybe they don’t care to get to know anyone.

GOOD THING: visited All Saints’ to see their Stations of the Cross today
BAD THING: nothing I can think of