This week has been weird. My computer at work stopped working due to a virus on Monday afternoon, so I went until this afternoon without a computer in my office. I tried to clean my office some, and I had a bulk mailing that took up some time that didn’t require a computer, so that ws nice. Other than that, my to-do list was pretty short, so I just cleaned some more and worked on thinning out the office recyling. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow, though.

Tonight, I went to 5 stores looking for a new trash can for our kitchen, and I can’t find anything. the same 3 or 4 trash cans are everywhere, and they will not work. It’s so weird how limited the trash can selection is. I am not even counting those that are ridiculously expensive. There is no way I need a stainless steel trash can that requires it’s own liners; those are the wrong size and shape, anyway. I did find one trash can that would probably be okay, but it was $40 (and just plastic!), and I was going to need 2 of them. No, thanks!
*EDIT: I have found an awesome trash can online that is, in fact, stainless steel and expensive, but it would be awesome and has 2 compartments so it could solve both issues at once. If someone would give me about $100, I’ll get it! haha

It all started because we got a new table and stools to put in our kitchen, but the corner where the table now is happens to be where the trash can and our recyling bin usually stays. There really isn’t anywhere else to put those things, so we’re trying to figure it out. If you think you can help me, please do!

I have been wondering where my headband went – Brian just walked in and asked what was around my neck! Headband: found!

I ran 30 minutes again yesterday! It was a tiny, tiny bit easier, too, so I think I’m on the right track!

GOOD THING: got some new mixing bowls tonight and some yeast to make some bread
BAD THING: TV stinks tonight