Choxie has a new friend! Our neighbors a couple of houses down have a somewhat new dog named Little Bit. They’re the same neighbors who had a dog drown in their pool last year, and they also have 2 other dogs (1 is new since the other one died). He said this one was going to just be a foster dog, but they got attached and kept her! That happened after she got really sick with kennel cough that turned to pneumonia, which gave her some lung damage – and then she made it through! I don’t blame them for getting way too attached after helping her through all that. She’s pretty cute, and today, we found out that she loves to play with Choxie. She just ran right up to our fence while we were all in the back yard and yelped because she wanted in to play. We let her in our back yard, and they ran around and play fought a lot. She’s pretty cute and really sweet. It’s especially awesome because Choxie’s 2 dog friends on our street are now gone, so she’s just in time to be the perfect replacement! 🙂

GOOD THING: run was awesome today
BAD THING: not ready for Monday yet, but at least this week should be lots easier both at work and after work