I ate WAY too many sweets this weekend! It all started with a trip to Krispy Kreme with Brian and Kaitlin.

Our visit from Kaitlin was really fun even though we didn’t do that much. One thing we did was go to Academy to return one pair of the aforementioned underwear. We checked out the clearance racks, and I ended up buying 3 items for $13! I got some shorts, a nice sweater for work ($4.88!) and some bicycle shorts with a super padded crotch (that’s right) just in case I ever get stuck on a 16 mile bike trip again like I did a couple of years ago. They were only $4.88, and I would’ve paid at least $50 bucks for them the day I ruined that entire area of my body for several days. Plus, I have a bike, and I would love to start riding it, so they may be the cheap inspiration I need. Did I mention my new shorts were just $2.88?! I love clearance racks at Academy.

GOOD THING: This work day is about to be over.
BAD THING: beginnings of a headache – probably because it’s about to rain or something