I don’t feel like saying much, but I’ll write a little something.

Today was Buzz’s last day at work, which is really sad. He’s so awesome in lots of ways. No one will be able to replace him! We had a tea today for his going away party, and it was really good. We had tons of food, and Jan came to visit! I miss her so much, too, so it was a great time with friends.

Work has slowed down after the crazy Monday of this week, so that is nice.

This weekend is going to be great! My friend Kaitlin is coming to visit us, and she’s staying 2 nights. We will have lots of fun! Choxie will also be so excited. She loves her.

Tonight at church dinner, I had tons of fun (as always) playing and feeding Baker, which is Jeanne’s little boy. He ate really well tonight! Somehow, I can get him to eat his dinner. We turned it into a counting game tonight, and he loved eating his peas one at a time while I counted them. He told me how many he wanted to eat, and then I counted as he did it. He’s 2. He was pretty funny tonight, too. He’s currently my favorite little kid.

GOOD THING: My pies turned out great!
BAD THING: Choxie is a little rambunctious tonight.