There has been a request for me to blog about the new panties I bought to use for running. Here are the 2 items tested this week:

Without thinking about it too much, I’d say the boy shorts win. I had zero wedgies and never felt any material wad up, which is what normally happens a bit and is why I decided to look for something specifically for when I run. The ones that are shaped like regular panties were fine, too, but I still caught myself pulling at them a couple of times. That could’ve been 1) habit or 2) because of the pants I was wearing, but I think if they worked, then they’d work in any clothing situation. I still wouldn’t say the regular ones were bad, because they are made of a material that is really thin and made to breathe well, so I’d still go with them over regular cotton panties. Plus, they have really small seams, so they’d probably be good with dress pants or something that you wanted to combat panty lines. I bought 2 pair of the regular shaped ones and one pair of the boy shorts. I should’ve done the opposite, but who cares?

The best part is that they were all on the clearance rack for less than $10 a piece, and they were supposed to be $19.99. I opted for ugly skin colored ones from the clearance rack over pretty black ones at regular price. Who plans on looking hot after running, anyway?

Here is the one thing I have to say about the boy shorts, which were, again, my favorite. The legs came down farther than I thought they would (I hadn’t seen them online beforehand – just on the hanger), and the actual leg holes were kind of small. The were tight on my leg, so if you have larger legs, then I’d definitely go up a size – especially if you’re inbetween 2 sizes. I didn’t know if I should buy smalls or mediums, so I went with smalls since the point was no wadding up, and the legs are tight. But, that is how they’re supposed to be, so whatever.

The best thing I puchased that day, however, was some Russell (brand) pants. I can’t find a picture of them online. I now have 2 pair of their pants, both very different, and I totally love them both. I also have one of their shirts for staying cool or whatever. They are definitely my favorite brand of clothing for exercising. It doesn’t hurt that it’s all affordable.

Well, that is enough for boring blogging.

GOOD THING: I didn’t die today during my run.
BAD THING: still hungry after a can of soup for dinner