Today was super busy at work! It was the first day of sign-ups for the Spring Lil’ Lambs Consignment Sale, which means my phone rang off the HOOK – and that is not off the hook hehe.

I don’t have a clue how many phone calls I made today, but what I do know is that I was on my phone all day long with no breaks except for lunch, and we currently have 118 sellers on the list. Most sellers get on the list after a minimum of 2 phone calls, and many of them create 3 phone calls. They call me and leave a message, I call them back to schedule and miss them so I have to leave a message, then they call me back and leave a message with their answers. I think tomorrow, we’ll meet our max number of sellers, so I won’t have many more days on the phone. I’ll still have some work to do, but I will be able to do other things at the same time. The best part is that my day went by really quickly!

Tonight, we had salmon, pasta and green peas for dinner. It was so yummy! We deserved it because we went running after work with the dog! Brian wants me to start running with him. Since he hasn’t been running nearly as much as he did before the holidays, he’s kind of starting over with the whole walk some, run some schedule, so I am going to do it with him. Today was really easy because we ran for a minute, then walked two minutes over and over until we got home. I think we were out for like 30 minutes, so that wasn’t a big deal. It’s pretty fun to run as a family unit!

That monkey on Family Guy weirds me out sometimes.

Church was good Sunday! We met to talk about the upcoming mission trips, and Dave’s sermon was really good in my opinion. I knew the story about when Jesus made the disciples “fishers of men,” but Dave pointed out that particular story was a good example of how God works his way into our lives. It was pretty sweet.

Today, I dusted as soon as I got home from work because I am so tired of seeing our TV stand so dusty. I have no idea how everything gets dusty so fast. I also cleaned all the kitchen counters tonight after dinner because I was extra grossed out after making fish. I swept the whole house this weekend, and I am always shocked at how much dirt and dust hide around every room. Now, if someone would come clean the rest of the house! I need about 2 more closets and a bathroom cleaning fairy.

I also scored over $200 worth of work clothes Sunday for $67! I got 2 new pair of dress pants, a cashmere cardigan/sweater and 2 sleeveless dress shirts. I needed some work clothes – especially pants, so that was awesome. It will be my Valentine’s Day present from Brian, probs.

I can’t wait to go to Bolivia!

GOOD THING: got a lot done today
BAD THING: need something for dessert…