I absolutely cannot believe how excited Choxie gets when we say, “You wanna go for a walk?!” She goes crazy! Brian has been walking her a lot lately, and that is awesome since I’ve been feeling bad and busy in the evenings. They just left, so I’m going to watch some more TV! Tuesday is ghost show night. Sweet!

Today was really busy at work, but I don’t feel bad about the amount of work I wasn’t able to finish. I can easily finish tomorrow and on time. We also took a time out to go downtown to the recycling center and clean out the office. I’m sure everyone is happy about that, and Jeanne and I enjoyed the chance to get out for a while.

Sometimes I wonder what makes people so different. Brian has a friend (who is now also my friend) that seems to have a super interesting, fun, and adventurous life. I always feel so boring and lame when I hear about the stuff he does, and I just wonder what the difference is that makes him okay with all that’s involved with traveling the globe to do awesome things and not have the typical life. I feel like most people like to think they’re not typical and want to be different, but most people don’t really deviate far enough from the norm for it to be so noticeable. Basically, I’m super jealous of his lack of fear and need for adventure, and I feel really boring.

I think I have high blood pressure because the last two times I was in a doctor’s office, they said it was a little high, and then I checked it at my grandparents’ house this past weekend, and it was the same, so that rules out the possibility of me just being nervous or whatever in the doctor’s office.

Lauren did a great job speaking at Circle tonight! Her stuff was really interesting.

GOOD THING: today is over except for relaxing
BAD THING: headache