The episode I’m watching is so funny! It’s about gay marriage and stereotypes republicans.

Choxie is goofy tonight! She keeps pressing up against me and is all but laying over my head while licking on a toy. She is finally down on her bed with Brian chewing on a bone. He took her for a run tonight, so she was tired for about an hour, but she’s getting over it. She also found an empty parmesan cheese container in the recycling bin, so she keeps sneaking to try and like all the leftovers out. Well, actually, she seems really tired again now, which is awesome.

I got my new passport today! I’m sure I would’ve been fine not paying for it to be expedited, but I never want to be the person holding a group up. I’ve also had my shots already, so everything’s done except going! My arms hurt pretty bad for a couple of days enough that I couldn’t sleep on my sides very easily, but they’re fine now. I just have a bruise leftover that didn’t make an appearance until the pain was gone. Maybe it’s unrelated.

Brian is dancing to one of the terrible commercial songs, and Choxie is staring at him like he’s an alien.

Regions is awesome! Someone apparently tried to buy something with Brian’s card number, and we did not know. Brian tried to use his debit card last Thursday, and it wouldn’t work, so he finally called Regions today to see what was going on, which is when they told him about the purchase. Apparently, it was made either on the phone or online, and the buyer wasn’t required to put any verification in, so the bank red flagged it. Now, Brian can get a new card, and they won’t have his new number! The purchase was for less than $2, so they think they were checking to see if it would work, and if it did, then they’d go crazy with it. The bank even made sure that Brian really cancelled his card instead of talking to some fake office that said they would cancel it. Apparently, that’s been happening, too.

GOOD THING: Choxie is sleeping right now.
BAD THING: plans for the next 3 nights