This afternoon seems so long! I was really busy today, but the day is still going by slowly. At the moment, my hands hurt so bad that I don’t really want to type, but whatever. I’ve filled out a million postcards and handwrote them all with an uncomfortable pen, so my hands are killing me.

Salads might not be worth the burps they cause me. There are millions, and they taste bad. Darn lettuce!

I am going to the dentist in 30 minutes. I’m not looking forward to the time I’m going to spend there, but I am looking foward to my tooth getting fixed since it hurts sometimes. Maybe he will be hilarious today! I decided to tell him he needs to be or else I will bite his finger.

It’s not so cold today. I went home and let Choxie out around 1:30 so she will hopefully get some energy out and have some fun.

My car is so junked up! I need to clean it out really bad, but I never think of it at a time when it’s possible. I absolutely hate hearing things slide around in the car when you turn and stuff, and I heard something in the back move today. Plus, there are lots of papers in the floorboard, and I don’t even know what they are, so I just need to go through the car and throw everything away.

Our Sunday School party was fun last night. We did Dirty Santa, and I didn’t get anything I really wanted, of course. I will probably just save them for the next year’s gift swap.

GOOD THING: leaving in 20 minutes
BAD THING: need a nap so bad!