When I was shopping for myself some Christmas gifts, mostly clothes, I couldn’t find anything I wanted anywhere. Well, I went to the mall today for the first time in forever (minus Christmas shopping), and this time, I wanted almost everything in NY&Co. Of course! that is so frustrating. I did buy 2 things, but I really wanted about 7 or 8 other things.

On a different note, there is absolutely nothing on television today, so I’m watching a super old episode of Wife Swap. It is bizarre. I guess they used to film it differently, and this episode has lots more recaps and interviews like a year after the show took place.

I’m thinking about driving to the Salvation Army to see if anything has come in, and I need to go to Hobby Lobby, too, because I have to get some more magnets. They sold out before Christmas, so I didn’t have enough to finish one Christmas gift.

I can’t wait to sleep late tomorrow!

GOOD THING: off work
BAD THING: choxie needs more outside time so she won’t pester me so much!