Of all that is on the word wide web, why can I never find anything to look at online? I am the worst time killer ever.

I have lots of travelling that I want to do during the year 2010, and I hope at least some of it happens.

I just finished reading my new book by Chelsea Handler, and it was seriously hilarious. I am going to buy everything else she’s written next time I purchase some books. I’m moving on to the Family, per recommendation by Casey. It’s way smarter and more serious than Chelsea’s book, so it will take some adjusting. I’m a little leary of getting angry and/or creeped out by it, but I have to see what’s in there. It’s like a train wreck or a scary movie. I’m reading through cracked fingers!

Tonight was pretty sweet because I had no plans. We wanted to eat early tonight, and we drove to Sam’s Deli to get some yummy and cheap burgz. We also shared cheese fries! today at lunch, I ate a vegan Kashi meal that was the Mayan Harvest Bake, and it was pretty yummy. I can’t remember everything in it, but it’s plantains on their pilaf with sweet potatoes, amaranth (whatever that is) and polenta something or another with ancho chili sauce. It sounds weird, but it was really good. My least favorite thing in their meals is their special pilaf, which sucks because it’s in every dang one of them. It has a strong taste, so it kind of takes over at times. I actually bought 2 more of those tonight at the grocery store and a different one I want to try.

Choxie is sleeping beside me on the couch and is experiencing some crazy twitches right now.

Oh! I forgot to mention: Last night at the UMW dinner thing, I had lots of fun. We met at someone’s house and talked business for a minute, mostly just to learn about the big fundraiser we’re doing this year, and then we had a nice dinner with fancy Christmas china and all that. We had really good chili and salad with the best dressing – raspberry vinaigrette – and some bread. Then, we all got some ice cream with a brownie and some other SUPER yummy dessert. The best part was all the funny conversations we had at dinner. I was laughing so hard at one woman asking about what goes on at the spa….I almost wanted to call her today to see how her first trip turned out!

GOOD THING: Brian made it up to Decatur to wander in the wild and back safely today.
BAD THING: It just got late – fast! I need to go get in bed.