I haven’t been updating very much lately, and I bet you are pretty sad.

I took 2 days off work last week to shop for Christmas gifts, and I was somewhat successful, but I still have more to do. I can’t finish until I come up with some ideas, though. I also was supposed to shop for things for me (I had a dollar amount), but I really can’t find much in stores right now that I want. I need roughly $75 more of stuff for me, but I just can’t find anything. If I don’t soon, I will just opt for money and save it for something I really want later. I’m thinking it could offset some of my Salvation Army buys in the future.

Sheena graduated! We went to her party Saturday night, and it was good.

Tonight was A Night in Bethlehem at church, so I went with Brian, his mom and his sister. I was dressed in costume last year and volunteered as a census taker, but this year, I was merely an observer. I think it was way less amazing this year because I saw it last year. If we do it next year, I’m not sure I’ll go – especially if it’s on a Sunday night because I don’t like doing anything on Sunday nights.

I have to go back to work tomorrow for a full week this time, so that kind of stinks. My parents are coming to visit and to go to Brian’s parents’ party Friday night, so that will hopefully be fun. They’re leaving by lunch on Saturday, so they won’t be here very long. We’re going to go visit them a week later, though, so that’s no big deal. Plus, we were there last weekend.

Choxie surprisingly hasn’t bothered our Christmas tree at all. She watched me put the lights on and didn’t even pay attention very much, so I went ahead and put some basic ball ornaments on that she also hasn’t bothered. She noses them around a little bit every once in a while, but she never tries to bite them. I still haven’t put some of our ornaments on, but it looks like it has enough. I left the little and fragile ornaments off just in case.

I did find myself some new workout pants from Academy this week, and they’re so awesome. They’re for cold weather, and they really are so warm and comfy. I put them on when I got home from lunch today just because I was cold and wanted to feel snuggly, and guess what? They made me want to go out for a walk! I walked the dog today in the misty rain, and the pants are awesome. They also have great pockets that are
deep. They get an A from me.

GOOD THING: got some Christmas shopping done
BAD THING: need some more ideas – especially for my dad even though I’m excited about one thing I got him so far