This past weekend: visited my parents, went out to eat at Red Lobster, went to the town’s Christmas parade, went to watch a drive-in Christmas song/light show, hung out, visited my grandparents’ and other family for lunch/dinner Sunday afternoon

In the very recent past, I went to the Salvation Army this evening to get a chair I found today at lunch. It was gone. I am let down, but it’s okay because I’ll find an even better one in the future that is more awesome. Also, while I was there, I found a great Christmas gift for my dad! That is so hard to do, so I’m pretty pumped.

While I was out, I also had to deal with Office Depot because a box of 250 envelopes I bought today at lunch only had 210 in there, and I needed them all. So, I went back this evening to straighten it out. Guess what? They had NO more envelopes that size except for a pack of 25, so they gave it to me for free. I will just try and scrounge up some envelopes just like them at work tomorrow. I think I have a few, and I can shave my need down to like 240 probably.

Presently, I’m obviously typing a blog entry, but I’m also cooking dinner. Basmati rice is simmering as we speak. Since my plans for dinner got nixed last night, I’m instead doing my Meatless Monday on Tuesday night.

In the future, later this week, I am going to possibly take off work Thursday and Friday to use the rest of my year’s vacation time, go to Bible study Wednesday night, go to Emily’s house for family dinner and the Muppet Christmas Carol movie, and a weekend involving Sheena’s graduation party! Also, Ann is coming home for the holidays either this Thursday, Friday or Saturday! She’s driving, so she doesn’t have concrete plans.

Anyway, that’s a lot of stuff happening, but it’s all good. I also ordered Brian’s Christmas gifts today, so that’s taken care of. I still have to buy for my parents and Sheena. I will also assist Brian in helping find his sister’s and his mom’s gifts. I think he’s taking care of his dad. Anyway, yay!

GOOD THING: found an unlikely gift tonight
BAD THING: lots of work still to do at work tomorrow