I would like to start off with a “Thank you, Jesus!” for the Greensprings DMV opening back up a few weeks ago. With that being said (and well-deserved since the downtown courthouse line supposedly caused people to have to miss a day of work to get what they need done), my car tax was supposed to be renewed back in September. With the recent DMVs closing, they were giving a state-wide 60-day grace period, and mine was up yesterday. So, I went to the DMV, and the line was so long, it was out of the snaked bars and toward the door. I heard someone come out of the door saying to someone on their cell phone that they’d wasted 2 hours for nothing in there. I immediately turned around and got in my car to go back to work. I decided to try again today, and there were only about 5 people in line! I didn’t have all the paperwork some DMV nazis could’ve required me to have since I have moved, changed my name and didn’t get the renewal card in the mail, but I found who I like to believe is the only nice woman that has ever worked at a DMV. She did everything for me, and I was out of there in no time! My entire trip away from work was less than 25 minutes. Yay!
GOOD THING: hair cut and Circle Christmas party tonight!
BAD THING: jaw hurts again today like I got a shot at the dentist, but I didn’t