Toot! I finally took Choxie to the new dog park in Birmingham this past Saturday. I loved the park, but she did not. She was really scared of everything the whole time. Her tail was between her legs, she ran from other dogs, and she kept going back to the gate and standing up on it because she wanted to leave. Lauren went with me, and Bacchus wouldn’t play with other dogs, either! He just humped dogs. Well, maybe that is playing, but not to the other dogs. Lauren and I wanted to get our dogs out of the crowd, so we went and sat on a bench at the other end of the park, which was awesome because we basically had half the park to ourself. I still don’t get why everyone just crowds around the gate and doesn’t move around. Anyway, both our dogs just walked or sat around us at the bench instead of played. I had to walk around and lead Choxie by other dogs just to get her to even associate. We decided to give up and take them home to stop torturing them anymore, but on my way out, I met a family with two dogs that asked me about my t-shirt. They were from the city mentioned on my shirt, so we discovered we were basically from the same town! (1 apart). I chatted with them for a long time; they were super nice. They said the came there almost every Saturday, so I’m sure I’ll see them again one day. Oh – the funniest part of the day was watching the dogs wade through and roll around in the giant mud hole in the woods. I feel sorry for the people who have to clean them up!

Anyway, I felt like I should make Choxie face her fears again, so I took her and Brian to the dog park again Sunday afternoon. That time was completely different, and she played with other dogs! Her tail came up and even wagged some. She found this really cute and sweet brown dog that was exactly her size that she liked running around with. I told the dog’s owner that it was great because she wouldn’t play at all the last time she was there, and he said the exact same thing about his dog. So, we were both proud parents because our puppies were finally breaking out of their shells.

We had fun! Brian stepped in poop, but I didn’t.
GOOD THING: should have fun tonight at the UMW Special Recognition Awards
BAD THING:corndogs again for lunch = good but repetitive