If you haven’t heard, there’s been an outbreak of burglaries in Homewood lately. It’s really been a lot of them – so much that the cops have done several roadblocks in the mornings to try and catch these people because they even know who some of them are. Everyone in Homewood pretty much knows about it, and we know how they disguise themselves and what time they like to come. Anyway, it kind of stinks to wonder if your house is getting robbed each day at work. I talked to my neighbor about it yesterday, and I found out some sweet news. He has now started working fully at home, so he’s there every day! He said he makes sure to watch the street for us and everyone. Also, our neighbor on the other side (2 down) is home a lot during the day because he owns his own business, so he watches out for everyone, too. Plus, we and both of those neighbors have dogs that bark when people come around, so all that combined makes me feel pretty good! 🙂

GOOD THING: date with Sheena starting in just a few minutes!
BAD THING: stomach kind of upset today