Okay, okay, I know I said I would blog soon, but I haven’t felt like it. I will (instead) do a shorter version of all I was going to say and cram it all into one post.

Choxie had some issues in the past couple of months. These started off by a vet visit revealing really high liver enzymes in her blood. We had to wait a couple of months before she could have a blood test again to see if they were still high. If they were, we would need to start making little changes to see what could help her out. In the meantime, she stopped wanting to eat. She would eventually eat all her food, but we’d have to convince her to eat. That lasted about a week, then we switched her food and she ate for a couple of days, then she didn’t want to eat again for several days until we took her to the vet on that note. That and the fact that she got a huge gash on her chest. The vet figured out she had 2 kinds of worms (not the visible kind), and he gave her a pill to kill them. That was why she had no appetite. He said he has no idea how she got them since she takes heartworm pills (because those work on other kinds, too), but she had them, so we gave her a mega dose of something. Also, she got antibiotics to heal up the giant cut. We’ve since taken her back to check her blood, and the liver issue is fixed! Her liver healed itself he said, which isn’t that rare. There was previously some sort of blockage keeping those enzymes from going into her intestines, and they were dumping into her blood instead. Also, her cut healed SO fast. It will probably just leave a little scar. Also, she loves eating now (except when it’s early in the AM – she’s a sleeper like me). To boot, we give her a different food now that is better for her, so she’s in tip top shape. Yay!

Our vacation week at the lake was great. I took detailed notes each day just so we could remember what all happened, but I won’t get into many details here because it’s too much to type. We kind of did nothing, but we did a lot at the same time. We spent time playing in the yard with the dog, taking a few boat rides, and canoed for almost 4 hours one day where we watched birds, ducks, turtles and a deer eat for quite a while. We also drove to Prattville a couple of times to eat and made some trips into Clanton for groceries and stuff. We watched some TV, slept a lot, I read parts of several books and finally finished one that I’d been dragging through. Also, we spider hunted! We made a sweet discovery one night (well, Brian did), and we learned that wolf spiders’ eyes glow in the dark! Well, they reflect light VERY well and show up blue or green. With Brian’s headlamp, we walked all over the front yard and found literally thousands of baby wolf spiders. It was crazy. It was weirdly fun, though, and we found a salamander while we were hunting, too. We had lots of fun that week and wished we never had to work again.

The college visit I went on last week went great! We had fun that day in the car (even though we drove 40 miles out of the way – talking and early AM doesn’t mix) and looking around campus. She wants to go to that school for sure now, so I would consider the trip a success. We had lunch with my old college roommate who works there on campus, so that was fun, too. I’m excited for her if she decides to go there!

GOOD THING: listening to old school country songs online
BAD THING: nothing worth putting here