Another update? I’m crazy!

It looks like WordPress has finally figured out that when we hit Enter, we don’t want to double space. Nice going! It only took you forever. I don’t like how they took the little corner expander thing away from the bottom right corner of the text box, though. I like to see more of what I’m typing.

Today is alright. I got 2 new books in the mail – one for a collection and one to hopefully improve my quality of life and introduce new ideas for projects around the house. The book’s called The Urban Homestead, and it teaches you how to do a lot of stuff on your own at home instead of buying it, paying someone to do it, or whatever. You get the idea. We’ll see how it goes! Dave said it was a great resource, so I figured I’d believe him.

I just have one more day of work this week! I get to get my hair cut tomorrow right after work! My cousin is coming to visit us while she’s in town for a tennis tournament Friday, too. I seriously need to clean my house before she gets here, but I seriously don’t have any free time before then to do it. We’ll see what happens! How can one house produce so many dust bunnies and hair balls in like 3 days? I sweep pretty often, yet I immediately find new dust bunnies as soon as I finish sweeping. That’s what happens when you don’t have carpet, but it’s still worth it. My allergies agree more with hardwood. I’m used to it now anyway since the condo didn’t have much carpet, either.

We ate lots of leftover goodise at lunch today that were still here from yesterday’s delicious tea. Sheena can back that statement up, too, since she swung by at just the right time to sample the goods yesterday.

It is so dark outside and gloomy. I’m so over this rain.

I just called the vet and lost my train of thought, so this post is over!

GOOD THING: almost the weekend
BAD THING: rain!