Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary! Toot toot. Brian is so super awesome – I’m lucky! We both decided to do what we’d planned on doing last night, which included me going to Bible study, and he worked late last night taking pictures at work. We didn’t even see each other until after 8, but that is completely fine. We exchanged cards, Brian brought me flowers home, and he made me brownies! We’re going to eat together tonight instead, but I can’t decide on what we should eat. Hmmmm…..

After dinner, we’re going to watch our normal Thursday night TV shows! Jim and Pam are getting married! We’ll have a fun weekend with my parents, so we don’t need to do anything else. Oh – Brian told me I could order a wallet thing that I’ve looked at online since the 3 year anniversary gift is traditionally leather. I ordered it today! We always look at those and see if there’s something we can do that follow the tradition. He said leather was boring and didn’t want anything.

Choxie has been really funny lately, and she’s been more snuggly, too. We know she can get up in our tallest kitchen window, and she also can apparently get on top of our stove. Yeah, like all the way up on it. She sleeps with me in the mornings curled up in my legs after Brian leaves but before I get up for work. I love it.

Oh! Last night was so fun at church dinner because I fed dinner to Jeanne’s little boy, Baker. He’s so funny and fun to be around. I want to feed him every week!

GOOD THING: hanging with Brian tonight to celebrate how awesome we are together 🙂
BAD THING: headache, but I took half a hydrocodone, so we should be fine soon.