Warning: this one is long, but maybe it will at least be a decent read. Maybe not.

Brian and I traveled to Berry College this past weekend to go to Mountain Day, which can be best described to someone who didn’t go there as an alumni weekend/homecoming/annual celebration. It’s to ceelbrate the founder’s birthday, and the students who want to can participate in the “Grand March” on the big hill. Parents, friends, alumni and professors can watch them participate while eating a BBQ picnic lunch. People bring their dogs and children and catch up with people they haven’t seen in a while. That is, if you like to do that sort of thing. We obviously do not really enjoy stuff like that very much, so every time we go, we wonder why we decided to go haha. We knew a few friends would be there, so we wanted to hang with them, but those friends are people who we’ve seen during the past few months. I didn’t really catch up with many other people except for a few hellos, but it was still good. I still enjoy seeing those people in person versus on Facebook even if we didn’t have a full out conversation. I would love to have conversations with everyone, but it just never happens. Mostly, I really wish more people would’ve been there, but that is how it always goes.

We killed some time at Kaitlin’s house trying to stay awake by goofing off before the big reunion event that night. We dreaded going because of the whole forced social awkwardness, but when we got there, it really got better. I chatted with a few more people, there was a band, candy was thrown all over our table, and we got free drink tickets! Kaitlin and I got some white wine and armed ourself with buzzes after we ate our dinner, so everything was funny after that. We decided we would go back and use our second free drink ticket, but they’d run out of alcohol and shut the tent down! What the?! That was kind of sad. I did get to bring home a pot of flowers for my front porch that was used as table decoration there, and our class tent won 3rd place in the tent decorating contest. Thanks, planning team!

We went back to Kaitlin’s aftewards for about an hour and goofed off until we decided to drive back home, and that was fun. I got some yummy gas station French Vanilla coffee on the way home. Brian and I listened to lots of music, and I danced to lots of songs in the car. We love Owl City! We knew that already, but Brian’s work friend Emily made him an actual CD, so we had it for the listening. The songs are so cute and fun even if they’re kind of cheesy sometimes. It was just happy music for the car all about regular things and animals and nature and love and stuff.

Sunday, we were so sleepy but got up for church anyway because we love Jesus. After church, we ate Mexican food for lunch. The best part is that we went home and ended up napping after that! Even Choxie napped with me in the living room after she listened to me play my guitar while Brian slept on the bed. We both eventually conked out, too. Brian had to go be a photographer for work that evening, so I left to go buy some beads to make some necklaces. I decided to try and sell some online. After I make a few more, I’ll list my measly inventory and see what happens. If someone actually buys one or two, I’ll go buy more stuff to add to my page, but I’m not wasting my time or money until that happens.

This coming weekend, we’re going to visit my parents and go get apples! It should be a fun day. That trip is fun enough just with my parents, but my mom told me that my aunt and uncle, my two cousins and a friend & boyfriend are coming along. We’ll see what happens! I can’t wait!

GOOD THING: less work to do this month than I thought
BAD THING: the cold, dark weather makes me very tired!